What role the CIRBE plays in applying for a loan

The information contained in the CIRBE loan applicant is provided by earrings

The information contained in the CIRBE loan applicant is provided by earrings



We have finally found the home of our dreams and now it’s time to seek funding. But, how do we know the bank will give us a mortgage? Institutions offering loans and credits offer some aspects to help decide if money is left safe and what is the maximum amount and what is the chance to cut it- Sonayagema bad credit personal loan. In this decision, the revenue in the game includes guarantees and, very importantly, debts are already acquired. The latter is the CIRBE.

Bank of Spain Risk Information Center (acronym comes from CIRBE), a record. This is where the banks of the country appear to have a large majority of their loans, credits, and guarantees. In other words, it collects all unpaid debts, which is a database that maintains a client or an endorsement, when it has a value of over € 9,000. Therefore, it is helpful if it is a very important tool if we give a loan to the bank or not, based on our solvency.

It is important to note that the CIRBE is not a long list because not all of its debt payments are deducted from the payment of its contributions, but rather the loans, credits, mortgages and other risks maintained by banks with their clients. However, some of the significant data of continuity remain in the database as well. if it exists

How does the CIRBE work?

This database is updated monthly. Bankers themselves are the ones required to provide all the necessary information so that the registration can be a secure source of public nature but a private consultation.

This means that any person who has the right to consult and, by request, the information on the Bank of Spain’s personal debt. In the same way that we ask for a loan from our bank, at the moment, the CIRBE reserves the right to consult our data within the CIRBE, without having to be explicitly agreed upon by the client, but always inform you that this will be done.

However, both the bank’s limitations on a customer’s data are. The general information only of the CIRBE, according to the Bank of Spain, extends to a person’s risk or business. This means that the bank will not handle a list of all of them and each of our debts, but rather their general attitude.

In fact, one of the first actions carried out by a bank is to give it a mortgage when we ask for it. Because, beyond the stability of our profession, we present our payment capabilities and endorsements, the risk that we now have as a customer comes from what has already been resolved by debt. It is important that CIRBE is in possession of any loan because it can act as opposed to ours.


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