Ecuador performs 1,500 assistances about evictions in Valencia and achieves eight dations and four social rents


The Consulate of Ecuador in Valencia has made 1,500 legal assistance to compatriots on evictions, of the 12,000 counted throughout Spain in the last two years, and has achieved eight dations in payment and four social rents. In addition, for about half a year has driven the formula of accompaniment during the judicial process, with one hundred cases in Valencia of the state 500.

This has been pointed out to Europa Press by the ambassador in Spain, Miguel Calahorrano, in an interview on the occasion of his participation in an advisory meeting on this subject with the Ecuadorian community affected by the mortgage crisis in Valencia.

According to a first “speculative consideration”, they could be in that situation “between 15,000 and 20,000” of the 38,000 Ecuadorians residing in Valencia, although they finalize the realization of “a census to measure the true number of affected” in order to “elaborate a plan to support the population more adequately, more accurately “.

With his visit to Valencia, the ambassador closes the first phase of the collective consulting workshops scheduled at the Consulates of Ecuador in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Murcia and the capital of Turia, which will be followed by contacts to “assemble a network of special attention” in “places where there is no consulate or fixed points” of assistance.

Calahorrano stresses that “the objective is to ensure that not a single Ecuadorian living in Spain can assist in a legal defenselessness in their litigation with the bank”, for which he also urges his compatriots to “set up committees”. “We seek to organize to address their own defense and we work in close connection with the Platform of Affected by Mortgages (PAH), with which we have mutual solidarity agreements and joint action,” he says.

In this sense, considers the Consulate in Valencia as “a fundamental point of support,” where they have made 12.5 percent of assistance on legal issues of the last two years and 20 percent of the accompaniments in about half year, with the result of eight dations in payment and four social rents.

The ambassador of Ecuador stresses that being affected by an eviction process and becoming homeless “is a very painful problem”. “It is the most serious thing that can happen to our people, although we know that with the crisis it is also affecting the Spanish people and what we most want, is that it touches bottom for the well-being of our compatriots and also of the Spanish people,” he stresses.

Along with these actions in mortgage matters, Ecuador has launched a series of plans to promote return to the country, such as the one that will give 2,500 hectares of land to 400 families throughout Spain when they return to their homeland, “some of them from Valencia “, or those designed to encourage the return of teachers and doctors.

In April, the president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, visited Valencia to thank for the great support he received in the last elections, which in Valencia exceeded 88 percent, and guaranteed that they will never fail the migrants or leave them alone because “the motherland It has a huge debt “with them, since” they sustained the economy after the 1999 crisis “with the remittances they sent.

In his program ‘Citizen Link’ 318, he criticized the system of “everything in terms of capital” and denounced that “the Law of Evictions is immoral, it is criminal and involves spending all the cost, all the risk, on human beings, when the risk must be from capital. “

“We are left homeless and indebted ,

That is immoral “

“We are left homeless and indebted, that is immoral, there must be dation in payment and the risk must be shared, at least,” claimed Correa, who argued then that “the citizens are debtors in good faith, but the banks were opportunists, irresponsible, they lent in excess and do not want to assume their share of responsibility “.

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